August 25, 2023

Influencer Q&A: Tara Thueson Increases Prime Day Commissions By 9x with App Deep Links

Influencer Tara Theuson selfie

One thing that all of our Amazon influencers have in common is that they sure do love online shopping! Tara is no exception and got her start as an influencer in 2019 after she sold her clothing business. It seemed to be a natural fit because today Tara is fast approaching 150K followers on Instagram alone!

We took a moment to interview Tara to hear in her own words how URLgenius links delivered huge results for her efforts on Prime Day this year. We also asked Tara to share with us what it’s like to be an influencer these days and why Amazon and URLgenius is such a powerful combination. Plus we just had to ask, why did Tara choose URLgenius over other solutions— what does she like about the platform and does she recommed it to both established influencers and to those just getting started?

Amazon Influencer Q&A Spotlight

When did you start your journey to become an influencer?

Tara: I became a full time influencer in 2019 after I sold my clothing business.

Influencer Tara Theuson Amazon Storefront

What do you love about being an Amazon influencer?

Tara: Personally, I love that you can find whatever you need on Amazon and have it delivered so fast. But your audience loves that even more. Amazon items sell like crazy!

Before using URLgenius, did you view being sent to the web login as a problem?

Tara: Yes! That’s one of the reasons I started using it.

When clicked from off-site channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube a regular Amazon URL sends your visitor to the website login

When did you realize that opening the Amazon app from social media would help you earn more?

Tara: After about a month of consistently using URLgenius my commissions grew astronomically. It took me awhile to really buy into this whole app deep linking thing. Now I’m mad I didn’t start using it sooner! It’s been amazing and I’ve shared it with so many friends.

Did you have any other eureka moments using URLgenius?

Prime day was huge for me this year. It is so fun checking my stats everyday and seeing the numbers just climb higher and higher!

How much is URLgenius increasing your commissions and how about on Prime Day specifically?

Tara: I am currently at 9x my average but that is with Prime Day in there…it was consistently about 3-4x even before Prime Day.

When clicked from off-site channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube a regular Amazon URL sends your visitor to the website login

Wow that is incredible! How would you characterize the influencer business today? Any advice for new influencers?

Tara: The influencer world is wild and changing constantly. To anyone who wants to do it, I say go for it! Advice I would give is to really try to gain an audience that connects with you. I would also suggest being yourself ALWAYS. If you don’t like a product, don’t promote it! Don’t be afraid to say no to companies.

Great advice! Tell us about the audience that follows you and why they like your product recommendations.

Tara: My audience follows me for all sorts of things! I’m a lifestyle blogger so all things fashion, food (been gluten-free for 12+ years), travel, tech tips, and anything else I feel so inclined to share. They trust my opinion, I will never promote something I don’t love and use. I try to engage with my audience as much as I can.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Tara: I typically have 1-2 collabs to post a day so I get those posted and work on future deadlines. Check my emails about 20 times before noon. 😉 I answer DMs throughout the day, post products that people have questions on. I have 4 kids so they are always having me tote them around somewhere!

Apart from earning more commissions, what else do you like about the URLgenius platform?

The way you can tag products to easily find them to copy the link is awesome. I do wish there was an app that would make it easier to do on mobile since I work from my phone a majority of the time.

Stay tuned we’re actually working a new mobile link composer! Would you recommend URLgenius to both established influencers and to those just getting started?

1000 times yes!

Tara, thank you so much for your insightful answers and your willingness tell your story about the great results you’re seeing. We wish you great success going forward, and we’re happy to be on that journey with you!

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