September 19, 2023

Amazon Influencer Lexie Tucker Sees Gold in URLgenius Reporting While Doubling Commissions

Amazon Influencer Lexie Tucker on TikTok video - text: Amazon cardigans Fall 2023

Lexie Tucker is just one of the many wildly popular Amazon Fashion influencers that have recently discovered URLgenius for app deep linking. Lexie promotes her favorite Amazon fashion finds and deals using inspirational, informative videos and social media content to drive sales among over 300K followers on TikTok alone!

Lexie and her team are growing her Amazon fanbase fast, and URLgenius is a key part of her strategy to maximize commissions by creating a great online shopping experience. It’s all about creating a seamless app-to app customer journey that is friction-free of any logins and by sending shoppers from her social media channels directly into the Amazon app to the right screen, Lexie is ensuring that she’s maximizing the results of her careful planning and promotion.

We took a moment to interview Lexie and her team and asked her to reflect on how she got started, what it’s like to be an Amazon Fashion influencer, and why she chose URLgenius for app deep linking.

We also just had to ask— what in particular does Lexie like about the URLgenius platform and what new features is she looking forward to in the future?

When did Lexie start her journey to become an influencer?

Lexie and Team: Lexie started putting effort into being an influencer around March 2022. She didn’t push it due to still owning her boutique but then went full time to focusing on influencing in June 2022.

Influencer Lexie Tucker Amazon Storefront

What does Lexie love about being an Amazon influencer?

Lexie and Team: What’s really great about being it is being able to see women genuinely start to feel good about themselves again. So many of Lexie’s followers reach out to ask for advice about how to feel confident, comfortable, and sexy in their skin after becoming moms, losing or gaining weight, life changes, etc.

How inspiring! Before using URLgenius, did you view being sent to the web login as a problem?

Lexie and Team: Yes! Initially we did see this problem within the different social media platforms. Since using URLgenius, however, we don’t see this problem any longer.

When clicked from off-site channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube a regular Amazon URL sends your visitor to the website login

When did you realize that opening the Amazon app from social media would help you earn more?

Lexie and Team: Having only been an influencer for a year, this has been a struggle trying to figure out the different algorithms for each social media platform. There’s obviously a huge benefit to taking your customer straight into the Amazon app and we see our conversion rates drop drastically when we use links that don’t open the app.

How much is URLgenius increasing your commissions?

Lexie and Team: We are clearly seeing at least a 2x increase in sales and commissions since we started using URLgenius links.

When clicked from off-site channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube a regular Amazon URL sends your visitor to the website login

That’s awesome! Did you have any other ‘eureka’ moments when you started using URLgenius?

This was our first Prime Day using URLgenius (and first summer PRIME DAY!). We were completely shocked at the difference that URLgenius had on Lexie’s conversion rate. Our hope is that eventually, URLgenius and TikTok will allow URLgenius links to work from a regular TikTok account.

(Note: TikTok allows URLgenius links to work from select accounts, TikTok ads, and link in bio other use cases from a TikTok business account.)

How would you characterize the influencer business today? Any advice for new influencers?

Lexie and Team: Lexie believes that influencing has become more of a personal relationship with your followers. It’s a small community of women that value and trust your opinion, and she believes it’s a privilege to have a community like this. Her advice to anyone starting out would be to be genuine; be yourself and don’t try to follow or become someone else. People will appreciate you more for just being you.

Tell us about the audience that follows you and why they like your product recommendations.

Lexie and Team: The women that follow Lexie are all over the country with hot spots in California, New York, and the main being Texas. They range in age from 22-55. The one key thing Lexie constantly hears that they love is her true honesty. She isn’t going to just sell products because a brand has asked. She only shares products that she actually likes and believes to be worth the money.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Lexie and Team: We try to stay very organized. Lexie likes to stick to a routine of filming twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other days are utilized to stay on top of admin things, but our day typically starts around 8:30 and ends around 3 pm.

That’s great to see you’re using URLgenius links on Lexie’s Linktree page and your Instagram bio! Apart from the variety of use cases and earning more commissions what specifically do you like about the platform itself?

Lexie and Team: We love that the reports are pretty easy to read. It makes it easier to see which products people are drawn to as we optimize our campaigns from day-to-day.

What new features would you like to see in the future for URLgenius?

What would be an amazing addition to URLgenius reporting is the ability to see clicks to actual sales conversion. I know the likelihood of having this be a benefit are low due to Amazon being tight with their information; however, even just being able to see that it converted to a sale without an actual dollar amount (since we can see those numbers on Amazon).

Would you recommend URLgenius to other established influencers or to those just getting started?

Lexie and Team: YES!

Lexie and Team, thank you SO much for your thoughtful answers and for being part of the URLgenius family of Amazon influencers! We wish you great success going forward – we’ll be following!

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