July 8, 2023

Influencer Q&A: How Savannah Kay Designs Multiplied Commissions 300-400% With App Deep Links

Amazon influencer Savannah Kay

Looking for some Arizona lifestyle, decorating, and DIY tips? You are not alone! Savannah Kay Designs is the go-to destination for tens of thousands of shoppers and fans to find all types of great home and product ideas. Having known each other since high school, Savannah and Kyle are sharing their story through their social channels and DIY blog, which also highlights their favorite product recommendations.

At the time of this post, Savannah and Kyle had over 281K followers on Instagram (WOW!) and other social channels. The team at Savannah Kay Designs started using URLgenius in March 2023 and quickly saw dramatic results. Their Amazon Associates reporting dashboard measured 300-400% higher commissions with URLgenius links!

We had a chat with Savannah and asked her to reflect on what it’s like to be an influencer today and to learn about their incredible results promoting URLgenius links for Amazon in their social media channels.

Amazon Influencer Q&A Spotlight

How did you get your start as an influencer?

Savannah: I started blogging with my best friend 10+ years ago, and as the platforms evolved, we took our business of showing how we DIY’d and renovated our homes to social media.

Savannah Kay Designs website home page

What do you love about being an Amazon influencer?

Savannah: I buy so many things from Amazon that I love being a part of the influencer program because I promote all the stuff I am already loving and giving a try.

Before using URLgenius, did you realize being sent to the web login was a problem?

Savannah: Yes, and I did notice an immediate difference when I started using URLgenius links because instead of hitting the login, the iOS prompt came up asking me if I wanted to open the link in the app, and I just clicked OK. It was awesome to go right into the app!

When clicked from off-site channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube a regular Amazon URL sends your visitor to the website login

When did you realize that URLgenius would help you increase conversions from social media?

Savannah: The DIY group that I belong to had girls that had heard about URLgenius and told me all the great things about it, and that’s when my interest really started!

How much has URLgenius increased your commissions?

Savannah: Easily 3-4X the results! I have been able to raise my goal numbers in the programs I am in as a result of it.

A URLgenius link for Amazon sends shoppers into the app while passing your Amazon Associate tags which increases your measurable commissions.

Amazing! Did you have any other ‘eureka’ moments when you started using URLgenius?

Savannah: There was a set that was a dupe that I shared in my 2-week trial, and I was amazed at how effective the URLgenius link had been at getting my sales up compared to the regular link.

How would you characterize the influencer business today; any advice for new influencers?

Savannah: I belong to a group of DIY and home improvement influencer women, and I love the environment there. The belief is that there is room for everyone to be an influencer. The fact that we’re all doing the same job but helping each other and giving each other advice really demonstrates that idea. My best advice is to be true to yourself from the beginning, and the right people will find you and love you for what you do and what you share.

Tell us about the audience that follows you and why they like your product recommendations.

Savannah: My audience truly is amazing. I decided early on that I would only promote and share what I truly loved or used. I feel like there is a responsibility in this position to not hurt the trust that the people who follow your journey have given you. I love to jump into my DM’s and message back and forth with people. Some have become great friends, even though we may never meet in real life. I love that they ask questions, ask for advice and recommendations, and share things that are going on in their lives too.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Savannah: I start off my day with my emails. I use an app called Structured and have things plugged in there that I hold space for every single day, such as DM’s and things like that. I talk with my assistant and go over any commitments or partnerships we may have to make sure we are on the same page and getting the things done that need to be finished. I juggle this job with being a Mom and pop onto stories either showing the project I am working on or the things we are doing as a family, etc. My goal is to retire Kyle from his job and have him do this with me full-time. We make the best team.

Apart from earning more commissions, what else do you like about the URLgenius platform?

Savannah: I like that the hard work that I already put— in putting together items that I promote and love— is magnified and even multiplied by URLgenius.

In URLgenius reporting, what do you find most interesting and useful?

Savannah: I love to see what things were actually of interest to my followers specifically, as well as the clicks for the month!

Would you recommend URLgenius to other influencers?

Savannah: Yes, absolutely!

Savannah, thanks so much for sharing your story and being part of the URLgenius family of influencers! We wish you great success going forward – we’ll be following!

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