June 4, 2020

Agency Dashboard: App Deep Linking for Multiple Clients and Brands

App-focused consumer behavior has forced marketing agencies to come up with new ways of working and to re-think traditional marketing strategies when it comes to brand engagement. Linking from social apps to brand apps or from browser-based channels like email and paid search to brand and social apps have now become important engagement tactics that are paramount when trying to reach client objectives. Agencies need innovative tools that help them manage app-focused marketing campaigns as app deep linking takes center stage in their operations.

App Deep Linking for Agencies Across Multiple Clients

Agency Dashboard for App Deep Linking

Agencies typically have multiple clients and campaigns that require app deep linking into brand apps and social apps. To address that need, URLgenius offers agencies an innovative dashboard that lets teams create, manage and report on multiple client campaigns that link into apps. Agencies and companies with a “House of Brands” can streamline operations by making teams more efficient and more profitable in their efforts to create new campaigns, monitor budgets and optimize ROI. From Instagram to YouTube to Messenger or any brand app, instantly create links and track app-opens and campaign performance across multiple brands and domains.

We needed app deep linking for multiple clients and the system needed to be efficient in giving us instant access to each clients’ links as well as insights into how much they’re spending so we can optimize revenue and profitability. I love this Agency Account setting. Thanks URLgenius! – Keren Kaufman, Senior Brand Performance Manager, TLGG

The screenshot below shows team access to app deep linking accounts for different clients. The icons on the right represent one-click access to the link console, reporting insights and the account settings for each client or brand.

URLgenius App Deep Linking for Agencies Across Multiple Clients

Link into Any App from Any Channel

App Deep Linking for Agencies Across Multiple Clients

One of the most popular ways to increase brand engagement is to lead consumers back into their favorite social apps to specific brand content. Whether you’re promoting Instagram profiles, pictures, YouTube videos, TikTok content or Snapchat AR Lenses, you can create a link that will open the social app directly to your client’s content while avoiding the social network’s mobile website login which can dramatically increase conversion and campaign ROI.

You can also create links into certain content or screens within your client’s brand app. There is no need to have your client install SDKs or assign technical resources to setup app deep linking capabilities for brand apps. Just request to have the app added to the platform if you don’t see it in the list of supported apps. This approach to app deep linking can dramatically speed up the time it takes for your campaign to go live.

When thinking about how to use app deep links, remember they can be used in any marketing channel empowering your team to be creative. Use them in innovative engagement tactics like QR codes, NFC devices and SMS messages in addition to traditional channels like display advertising, email and paid search.

App Deep Linking for Agencies Across Multiple Clients

App Engagement Insights for Each Client

App engagement insights are typically not available to agencies making it challenging to report on app-focused engagement results to clients. URLgenius makes it possible and will help you understand what percentage of an audience has an app installed as you track app opens, referring traffic, platform preferences and geo-location. In addition, you can include your client’s Facebook Pixel or Google remarketing tag in the campaign link to return additional consumer behavior insights to your client.

The link console for each customer or brand gives you quick access to your customer’s list of deep links into social and brand apps while keeping reports and insights separate for each client. In addition, when linking to a client’s brand app, you can include tracking tags for their preferred analytics solution. Include tags for web and app analytics or tags for specific channel analytics like email and search. URLgenius links can also be inserted into other systems where tracking tags are dynamically appended. This approach to app deep linking insights empowers you to create innovative app engagement campaigns for your clients while adding value to your customer’s existing analytics investment.

App Deep Linking for Agencies Across Multiple Clients

Manage Users, Settings, Media Spend

An Agency Dashboard for app deep linking makes it easy to streamline your operations through a single agency login. There is also no need to ask each client to install SDKs or the software typically associated app deep links for iOS and Android which can delay or disrupt campaigns. Simply add a new client or brand to your Agency Dashboard.

Agency users can quickly toggle between client dashboards to monitor campaigns and manage profitability. Check click levels hourly or enter a date range to understand click trends over specific time frames. Campaign billing can be managed at the agency level or passed through directly to each customer by entering unique billing details for each client.

Advanced setup features for each client include branded domains which lets the agency use the customer’s domain for their deep links in place of the URLgenius domain. This can increase audience trust, click-through-rates and conversion. An API key is also available for each client for use cases where links need to be created at high volumes programmatically.

Collectively, all of these features help agencies become more efficient and profitable when linking into brand apps and social apps. As the preferred app deep linking platform for thousands of agencies around the world, we are continuously working to find ways to help you work smarter and faster while increasing campaign ROI for your clients.

Look for more ideas on the URLgenius blog in the weeks to come!

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