September 25, 2015

Deep Linking Tip #8: Promote Time Sensitive Offers

The rise and fall of flash sale sites proved to be an important chapter in retailing history. Consumer burnout, inventory challenges and overall profitability concerns of participating retailers are just some of the factors that precipitated new strategies for sites like Groupon, Rue La La and Zuily.

Promoting time sensitive offers by deep linking to your appDespite the changing fortunes of these sites, time-sensitive offers will always be a key strategy for most retailers as they strive to instill urgency with the ever-distracted consumer.

Here are three ways app deep linking can be combined with time-sensitive offers:

  1. Capitalize on mobile moments
    Understand what time of day your audience is most likely engage with your app content. If your audience tends to be on Facebook in the morning, try deep linking to and from Facebook content in the morning to drive more engagement with your brand. If your customers typically buy more items after work, try deep linking to time sensitive offers from email and display campaigns timed accordingly. If prospective customers tend to install your app at certain times, try deep linking to the app store at that time vs. sending traffic to the mobile web.
  2. Segment your audience and test different offers
    Smart audience segmentation is nothing new for retailers but time sensitive offers combined with mobile deep linking is another opportunity to test new brand engagement theories. Segment users by frequency of app use, for example, and offer dormant app users a valuable, time-based offer designed to drive re-engagement. Reward your most loyal app users via email with deep links to time-sensitive. personalized offers based on past shopping history.
  3. Create an omnichannel strategy
    Using URLgenius you can deep link to an offer within your app from any marketing channel (display, search, email and affiliate). By doing so you can learn what marketing channels are best for driving app engagement and conversion. REI for example, was surprised to learn that up to 80% of clicks on their mobile display campaign were coming from users who had the REI app installed making it a great channel for driving app re-engagement.

Don’t let complicated SDK or API integration slow you down. Unlike other solutions, URLgenius by Pure Oxygen Labs puts marketers in control of mobile app deep linking by offering an easy to use interface which is important for testing merchandising strategies.

Contact us to get started – we can typically get test links setup within minutes!

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