April 1, 2013

Don’t Be Fooled: We’re Viewing Smaller Screens

Mobilize your marketing efforts with a mobile brand audit from Pure Oxygen

It’s April Fool’s Day again and the web is overrun with everything from Google Nose to Roku Streaming Shades to Nokia Microwaves. There’s no shortage of fun as the Internet giants go all out to out-prank themselves and each other.

What’s different this year is that more of us will discover these April Fool’s jokes while searching on our phones and tablets. In fact, the shift from big to small screens is so marked, Covario predicts that “by the end of 2013, a mobile device will drive one out of every three searches.”  That’s a huge change in behavior that has a serious impact on your marketing efforts.

How so?

Your customers may not be searching for your April Fool’s joke today, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t searching for something you offer. According to Comscore, search is the #1 mobile browser activity. That means your site needs to respond appropriately to the smaller screen or you run the risk of losing traffic and conversions quickly.

In fact, Google says a whopping 75% of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions like in-store visits, phone calls, purchase, and word-of-mouth sharing. And 55% of those mobile search conversion events happen within an hour.

Ok, you got my attention. Where do I start?

To get a sense of how your mobile sites stack up, Pure Oxygen offers several free diagnostic tools you can try right now:

  • Mobile Redirect Viewer – The easiest way to make sure the redirects to your dedicated mobile site are properly configured. You can use the same tool to get a sneak peek at your competitors’ redirects as well.
  • Mobile Site Analyzer – Reduce bounce rates! This quick audit of 50 pages from your desktop site quickly identifies which pages succeed or fail to route users to mobile-friendly pages.

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Our tools help you identify problems before they affect your campaign performance, search results and user experience. Anything less would be…well, foolish!


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