June 14, 2023

FC Bayern Basketball App Sees 55% Conversion Rate From Codeless App Linking and App Install Banner Strategy

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FC Bayern München Basketball is a German basketball team that is part of the larger FC Bayern Munich sports club, a multi-billion-dollar company based in Munich, Bavaria. The franchise is best known for its football (i.e., soccer) team, which was established in 1900, the same year as the sports club itself.

FC Bayern basketball was established in 1946, after which it experienced tremendous popularity in the 1950s and 1960s and now has seen a resurgence as the club’s marketing team finds ways to grow the basketball fanbase in the age of mobile phones, social media, and apps.

The Challenge

To help grow the audience for FC Bayern Basketball, the marketing team launched the club’s first mobile app in 2022. The app’s purpose was to deliver live streaming of games and be a central entertainment and information hub for anything and everything about the team and the FC Bayern club. Mobile app users would have special access to game highlights, scores, statistics, lineups, player profiles, news, and game commentary.

FC Bayern basketball team playing game

When it came time to launch the mobile app, the team was challenged with limited resources and a limited promotional budget. They needed to act fast and launch the app leading up to the start of the season, and social media advertising was seen as a proven way to reach their target audience. The marketing team had some experience with other social media campaigns, but only those that drove traffic to the club’s website. There were, however, a few specific marketing challenges unique to mobile apps that the team was hoping to address in time for the app’s launch.

One Campaign, Two App Store Links

As they set out to launch the campaign for the mobile app, it occurred to the team that they had two different app store links to promote, one for iOS and one for Android. They wanted to avoid any unnecessary landing pages and link directly to the app stores. The social ads could convey what the app was about, so an extra landing page wasn’t necessary.

Could one intelligent campaign link be created, or did the team need to manage two social media ad campaigns: one for iOS and one for Android? It would be much easier and more efficient to manage one campaign and one media budget. Ideally, the team could create one campaign link that could skip the website and go directly to the right app store, depending on the device clicking the link.

App Install QR Codes

The team also foresaw the need for QR codes designed to drive installs from various marketing materials and channels. Like a single app store link, a single QR code that could route the user directly to the right app store was important. Consumers scanned QR codes in mobile moments, so to maximize conversion, it was key to avoid any unnecessary landing pages or extra clicks along the app download journey.

App Install Web Banners

Another challenge was that the mobile website for FC Bayern Basketball did not have app install banners, which would be ideal for driving organic app installs from a captured, relevant audience. App install banners on the mobile website would also drive down the app’s overall cost-per-install. App install banners, however, typically required development resources for iOS and Android, which the team did not have access to, and even if they did, there was no time to implement, test, or manage more technical solutions.

The team thought their only viable channel to launch the app and drive app installations quickly was paid social campaigns, so they set about finding a solution for app store links first and planned to implement app install banners later.

The Solution

The marketing team at FC Bayern Basketball searched for an enterprise-grade app-linking solution that did not require development skills or technical resources. The solution needed to be easy to implement and accessible to the entire marketing team so they could instantly use it for their social media advertising campaigns.

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As a cloud-based enterprise solution, the codeless approach of URLgenius was ideal, as this would enable the team to get their social media campaigns started immediately in time to meet their app launch deadlines. In addition, the team discovered that the URLgenius platform also offered no-code app install banners, which were visible on all browsers. The marketing team could also control the banner design by using a straightforward dashboard.

With the help of the team at URLgenius, the FC Bayern Basketball marketing team quickly implemented URLgenius app store links in their social media campaigns and no-code app install banners on the basketball team’s mobile website. Key elements of this strategy included:

A Single Campaign Link or QR Code That Routes Directly to the Right App Store

To drive app installs from social media campaigns, the team implemented URLgenius app store links and QR codes, which allowed the team to skip landing pages and direct mobile visitors immediately to the right app store based on the device clicking the link or scanning the code. In addition, the FC Bayern basketball domain was used for the link in place of the URLgenius domain. This strategy would inspire trust in the link and maximize conversion.

URLgenius app store links and QR codes open the right app store depending on the device clicking. They can also be set to open the app when it's already installed.

There was another benefit of URLgenius app links and QR codes that the marketing team thought would be helpful in the future. They could be set to open the basketball app to a certain screen if the app was already installed. As more fans installed the app, the team wanted to avoid continuously sending current app users back to the app stores in future campaigns while promoting specific screens or content in the app.

URLgenius app store links and QR codes also provided valuable analytics data, including link-level, app, and web referral data. Understanding the source of traffic would be important in the future for improving the campaign’s effectiveness and as the brand’s app store links were distributed more widely for promotional purposes.

URLgenius app deep link analytics

With URLgenius analytics, the team could determine which platforms were driving the most FC Bayern Basketball app store visits. UTM parameters could also be added to the app store links to measure how many app installations could be attributed to a specific URLgenius link.

Smart App Banners for the Mobile Website

FC Bayern Basketball app home screen

When the marketing team discovered URLgenius had a solution for app install banners they wanted to understand if a codeless solution could solve some of the most common challenges with more standard app banner solutions that required development resources. Apple Smart Banners, for example, only function with Safari and are not compatible with Android devices.

URLgenius solved for all common app install banner challenges, including:

  • Immediate implementation across thousands of web pages without any coding
  • Visibility on all web browsers and device combinations
  • Dashboard control of fonts, colors, messaging, buttons
  • Routing to both app stores from the same banner
  • Ability to disable banner display by platform or device
  • Scan QR code to view real-time design changes
  • Control over when to bring the banner back after a visitor clicks “x” to close it

As a cloud-based, dashboard-controlled app install banner solution, URLgenius does not require coding either for implementation or for future changes to the banner’s design or functional attributes. This was viewed as a strong, valuable benefit by both the marketing and technical teams.

The Results

The impact of FC Bayern Basketball´s URLgenius app linking, and app install banner implementation was immediate, and it allowed the team to exceed their goals for the app’s launch including time to market while surpassing their app install targets. The URLgenius app banner also provided the team with important insights for optimization that would not be available with standard app install banner solutions. The team realized the following benefits and results:

  • The team was able to launch their social ad campaign with a single intelligent app store link in a matter of days
  • The FC Bayern Basketball app install banner had a CTR of 1.5% and a 55% app install conversion rate
  • The app banner had a close rate of 15% while 85% of users decided not to close the banner during their visit
  • URLgenius referral analytics allowed the team to understand and optimize for the mobile web pages that were driving the most app installs
  • The marketing team realized an estimated 50% reduction in their cost per app install compared to a strategy that only implemented paid social media ads.

The team now plans to utilize additional URLgenius features including social media app links designed to increase app engagement among app users as well as URLgenius QR codes on all printed marketing materials, advertisements and select streaming and video content.

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