September 20, 2021

How City and Language Insights Can Help Marketers Optimize App Deep Linking Campaigns

Brands successfully reach millions of people every day through social media campaigns, app marketing and other channels. Anyone who speaks more than one language, however, knows that a brand’s message is not always in their preferred language. Managing localized content and messaging is challenging even for countries like the United States and Canada where Spanish and French are popular secondary languages. The challenge is even greater for global campaigns and marketing teams who manage thirty or more local sites but often settle on International English as the best language option for many campaigns.

The approximate city location and language-region preference of your audience are important insights for ad campaign optimization and for making decisions about localizing content. This isn’t new for website marketing but the concept might be new to your social and brand app marketing efforts. Social media campaigns and your app marketing efforts can generate such information but the key is to make it instantly available to your marketing team or agency so campaigns can be optimized as needed.

Challenge your marketing team with the following questions:

  • What is the approximate city location of those engaging with your brand on social media?
  • What are the most popular language-region settings of your social media audience?
  • Do these trends change according to app or marketing channel?
  • Does your entire marketing team have instant, easy access to such data?

Once you have the answers, then you can determine if you need to make changes to your social media ads and to your content across marketing channels. App deep linking platforms like URLgenius can provide you with such insights immediately and there’s no development or technical resources needed.

App Deep Linking Insights: Visits by City

App Deep Linking Insights: Visits by City

Most marketing teams focus on a brand’s number of followers across social media channels as well as how many likes and comments their images and content receive. What marketers may not know is that your app deep solution can show you approximately which city your social media engagers are clicking from, and you may be surprised at what you find. You can then use that information to adjust your social media investments. For example, focusing more investment on select geographic regions or zip codes.

The data is anonymous, and does not contain personally identifiable information (PII) and is therefore aligned with the latest privacy policies from Apple and Google.

The same concept applies to your company’s brand app. It’s becoming increasingly important not to send app users back mobile websites and app deep linking platforms for marketers easily let you link from social media apps to your brand’s app and you can see the approximate location of those clicking. Your entire marketing team can see these insights without needing access to more complex app store dashboards from Apple and Google which are designed for app developers and a more technical audience.

Once your team is more accustomed to seeing this data, you can become more nimble in making decisions about where to invest more of your brand’s social and app marketing budget. For example, you may want to increase ad investments in cities where your customers and prospects are less engaged with your app.

App Deep Linking Insights: Language-Region Preference

App Deep Linking Insights: Language Region

The language-region settings of your audience is also an important factor for optimizing campaigns.

URLgenius can determine languge-region preference when linking to social apps like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube or when linking into brand apps.

Understanding this information will help your marketing team answer questions like these:

  • How many people engaging with my brand have their browser set a language different from English?
  • What are the top ten language settings for my Instagram follower campaign?
  • What are the most popular language-region settings for devices clicking into my brand app from social media?

Pro Tip: This blog post is about discovering visits by city and language-region preferences when linking into social media apps or your company’s brand app. The same also applies when linking from social media apps to your website. Not only can you see the location and language-region preference of the devices engaging with your brand, but based on this information you can route traffic to localized websites within a single campaign link.

When you start looking at visits by city and language-region preference, you may be surprised at some of the trends you find. Always keep in mind that “Visits by city” are independent of language-region preference. For example, you may discover that you have a lot of customers that are clicking from London but their language-region preference is set to “french-france” or another language region combination.

Today’s world of ecommerce and social marketing is more global than ever. Taking even small steps to optimize your campaigns will help increase conversion and convey a deeper understanding of your audience.

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