March 5, 2024

How to Increase App Installs Organically With Social Media in 2024

Are your app advertising efforts slowing down to a near halt? Are you in the early stages of marketing your brand-new app? Or are you brainstorming new ways to innovate your app install campaign?

Regardless of what’s motivating your new app marketing efforts, we at URLgenius have just the solution and best practice guidelines to skyrocket your organic app install marketing campaign!

In this post, we’re going to guide you through some key nuances you should be considering as you seek ways to revamp your social app marketing efforts, in addition to introducing you to our state-of-the-art, patented deferred deep linking technology that, by the way, requires no SDKs or other technical resources installed to generate and incorporate into your campaign.

The Importance of Getting Customers to Download Your Brand’s App

Right off the bat, let’s broadly discuss a question we urge you, the marketer, to ask and consider for your brand: What is the value of an app visitor versus a mobile website visitor?

Well, the answer is truly as simple as it gets. Customers who download the app, via just one complete transaction on your app, are able to store their payment and shipping information, which consequently streamlines future shopping and checkout experiences with your brand.

Even if you’re not a retail app, by getting consumers to download and engage with your app, you’re able to build upon their first-party data; this is especially important in a world where cookies are steadily going away.

We know, app install banners are awesome and the general go-to when it comes to boosting the standard mobile app marketing strategy. But when it comes to getting more app installs, your organization should deploy as many channels as cost-effectively as possible to drive your app install KPI.

With all this being said, we now land on our core point in this discussion: transforming your social media channels into the greatest mobile app marketing machines that they can be.

Transform Social Media to Boost Your Brand’s Mobile App Installs

It’s a given in today’s marketing world that maintaining a booming social media presence is imperative in growing your business. And since it’s most likely you’re doing just that, wouldn’t it make sense to fine-tune this presence to turn it into an app install engagement engine?

Think about it—the social platform followers you already have, in addition to future followers that you’ll acquire, are already devoted and bought into your brand just by virtue of committing to your daily posts. These people are active members of your brand’s community—there’s no passivity among users who choose to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other channels. Trust us.

If we can agree upon the loyalty of these people, then we can agree that they are most likely to buy products from you as opposed to your competitors. And do you know what online shoppers love most besides online shopping? Convenient online shopping. Seamless online shopping. Headache-free online shopping. And, you guessed it, online shopping on a user-friendly app.

A URLgenius mobile app link detects if the user clicking has the app installed, and opens to the screen in the app (when installed) or takes users to the app store to download your app.

Following this very line of logic, we can then infer that by offering these followers the opportunity to download your app, not only are you giving them everything they want in an experience, but you’re also giving yourself exactly what you want in your mobile app install campaign—more downloads, more engagement, and of course, more sales!

Okay, so what exactly does this all look like? Picture this: Your most recent post promotes a link to a product, offer, or some other page that theoretically would open to your app (when installed). Good start. Unfortunately, this link is most likely not going to take the user to the app.

And this is where URLgenius steps in with a three-tiered solution to: 1) increase app engagement, 2) increase app installs, and 3) increase sales. When you generate mobile app links with URLgenius, not only can you set the destination location of the link directly to the corresponding screen in your app, but you can also set the destination to your app’s page in the app store for those who don’t have the app installed. Pretty cool, right?

Increasing Organic Mobile App Installs With URLgenius Links

When it comes to URLgenius mobile app deep links, the sky’s the limit with how you can utilize them in your marketing efforts. You can insert these links into Facebook posts, Instagram stories, TikTok bios, and even your run-of-the-mill social or PPC ads.

Now, let’s paint you a picture of how effective our mobile app links can be for organically increasing your app install and engagement efforts. For our example, let’s say that around 25% of your audience across all social media platforms currently have your app installed on their smartphones. This means that now have the opportunity to get the rest of the 75% of those individuals to install your brand’s mobile app.

With URLgenius, we will detect whether or not the app is present on each given user’s phone—so that 25% will be served with the optimal experience of being sent to the correct page in the app, whereas the rest of the 75% will be sent to the appropriate app or Google Play store from which they can download your app.

Generally speaking, we can estimate that around 50% or so of the traffic that lands on the app or Play store will install the app, and you can take it even a step further—with URLgenius deferred deep linking, after the customer has officially installed the app, you can send them directly to the specific page in the app that they initially were clicking your link for.

Creating and Testing URLgenius Mobile App Links

When it comes to generating a mobile app deferred deep link with us at URLgenius, we can promise you that it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

When you do create a link with us, it’s imperative that you test that link immediately to see if and how it works for you. Reporting can be set up to inform your analytics on the number of app installs that are generated through the test, so make sure you test across all your social platforms with different types of content, offers, products, etc. to see how exactly you can grow your app installs.

Remember, every app install you generate unlocks future consumer journeys that will drive more of the metrics that you’re interested in knowing about your app.

Boost Your Brand’s Organic Mobile App Install Marketing Campaign With URLgenius

Who said that app install banners were the only way to increase your brand’s app install and engagement numbers? With URLgenius, you can do both and more!

Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions about increasing your mobile app installs with our deferred deep links.

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