Luxury Cosmetics Brand Increases Instagram Followers and Engagement - App Deep Linking and QR Codes for Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketers

The Campaign Objective

URLgenius mobile app deep linking case study.A luxury cosmetics brand has millions of followers on its main page for Instagram. A new page for its new product line, however, had less than 25 thousand. To obtain targeted followers quickly, the company launched a display ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram as well as a paid search campaign. The link behind these campaigns brought the consumer to the advertiser’s new Instagram page and with a very limited budget, the objective was to reach 100 thousand followers.


Roadblocks and Challenges

Mobile App Deep Linking to InstagramWhen the campaign launched, the campaign manager was seeing an excellent click-through-rate, however, Instagram likes and follows were not increasing at a similar rate. Most of the traffic from the campaign was from mobile devices and the link was bringing consumers to the Instagram page on the Instagram mobile website. When consumers clicked to like or follow the advertiser’s page, however, they would be brought to the Instagram mobile website to login at which point the abandon rate was very high.

While pausing the campaign, the campaign manager realized that the vast majority of the target audience would have the Instagram mobile app installed on their smartphone or tablet. If the link behind the display and paid search campaigns could detect and open the Instagram mobile app directly to the advertiser’s page, the conversion rate would be significantly closer to the click-through-rate.


The Solution: URLgenius

The brand’s agency discovered the answer was in choosing a mobile app deep linking solution. Under pressure and a time constraint from the client, the chosen solution needed to be easy-to-use with minimal technical requirements while allowing for immediate implementation. For maximum reach, it also needed to support all browser and device configurations across iOS and Android. URLgenius met all of these requirements.

When the agency discovered URLgenius they simply followed these steps to immediately update their campaign links with deep linking capabilities.

“The URLgenius platform was incredibly easy to use. We instantly created test links which we then deployed immediately. The technical requirement was minimal and support for Google Analytics and other UTM parameters was a life saver in keeping our client happy.”  – Chief Operating Officer, Global Agency


The Results

The results were immediate as the team reached their goal of acquiring 100,000 followers in a matter of days. While exceeding expectations of the client, URLgenius dramatically increased return on ad spend. This agency is now rolling out URLgenius to their worldwide offices as they consider new branding and follower campaigns for clients to acquire brand advocates and fans on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.