Mobile Deep Linking: Omnichannel Use Cases for Marketers - App Deep Linking and QR Codes for Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketers

URLgenius empowers marketers to create seamless consumer experiences across mobile apps and websites and across marketing channels to increase engagement and conversion. The following use cases illustrate how URLgenius solves the challenges marketers face when developing campaigns across mobile apps and websites.

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Omnichannel Mobile Deep Linking Use Cases

 A popular electronics company spends millions of dollars on display advertising. The brand has mobile apps for iOS and Android. When a customer who has the company’s mobile app installed clicks a display banner they are sent to the mobile web site (not the app) and asked to login. The brand’s agency is seeing high abandon rates in this use case. Opening the app directly for those that have it installed would dramatically improve campaign performance.display_928x175

  A popular sporting goods retailer is looking for ways to improve the performance of its search campaigns. They have apps for iOS and Android. When a user who has the app installed searches for a specific product and clicks on the link from the search results page they are taken to the mobile web site (mDot) to login vs. detecting and opening the app. The retailer is seeing high abandon rates at the point of login and feels they could significantly improve engagement rates if the app opened directly to the product page.social_921x189

A popular department store regularly sends emails to its subscriber base for seasonal and product category promotions. The brand has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. When users who have the retailer’s mobile app installed view the email and click an offer link they are sent to an mDot site to login. Although responsively designed, more than 65% of these users abandon at login to the mobile web site because they expect the app to open.email_928x218

 A popular cosmetics brand is aggressively promoting its social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Interest, Instagram, and YouTube) in all of its marketing and communications. 50% of their users engage with the brand using the iOS or Android app. The brand is seeing excellent click-through rates on the icons for the social networks, however, regardless of whether the user has the mobile app installed for the selected network, the user is directed to the mobile web site (mDot). The brand (and agency) feel they could significantly increase engagement rates on social if the social networks mobile app was detected and automatically opened.

 A widely known CPG company is promoting its green product initiatives through an integrated, omni-channel mass marketing campaign that features a branded video. More than 50% of clicks have been from mobile devices. Mobile users who have apps installed for YouTube and Vimeo are being sent to the mobile web sites for these applications and are being asked to login. Abandon rates are high and the campaign is seeing low overall video completion rates. Campaign links that can detect and open the apps for YouTube and Vimeo would greatly increase views and brand engagement.video_927x191

A successful affiliate driving sales for apparel is seeing lower conversion rates as its mobile traffic continues to increase. Many of the brands driving sales have apps.  When a user who has the brand app installed, clicks on an affiliate link , they are sent to the mobile site for the brand (mDot) and asked to login instead of detecting and opening the mobile app for the brand. Most users abandon and those that login to the mobile website are expressing frustration at not being able to easily find the offer or product they want to purchase.affiliate_mobile_app_deep_linking_929x172

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