• Link to mobile apps vs. websites. A simple update to social profiles and other links can dramatically increase mobile engagement. See these URLgenius best practices for step-by-step guides on how to link to apps including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, Telegram and more. Sign up today .

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  • Award winning beauty brand Tarte Cosmetics is dramatically increasing social app engagement and followers with URLgenius mobile deep linking including Snapchat. Learn how Tarte instantly gained thousands of followers by deep linking to its Snapchat profile from email campaigns.

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  • Innovative fashion retailer Rent the Runway is increasing app downloads and engagement with URLgenius mobile deep linking. The company needed an easy-to-use deep linking solution designed for marketers with no SDK requirement. Learn more in our FAQs and start increasing mobile conversion and engagement.

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SDKs and APIs can be a painful part of the mobile deep linking equation.
URLgenius can optimize app deep linking without SDKs. Retailers and other companies are using URLgenius to capitalize on mobile moments to increase mobile app engagement.

URLgenius Mobile App Deep Linking

URLgenius is a cloud-based enterprise deep linking platform designed for marketers and agencies. No SDKs, APIs or IT resources needed, URLgenius empowers marketers to control when a link opens an app vs. mobile website. Create campaign links to control deep linking to your app or website site. Optimize multi-channel campaigns in a whole new way. You can find best practices and deep linking ideas on the URLgenius blog.

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Don’t miss another mobile moment.

Whether you need support for specific deep linking projects or continuous deep linking optimization services, we can help your online business increase mobile engagement and conversion. Contact us for help across marketing channels, across apps or for basic information on how to get started.