August 4, 2016

URLgenius: A Cloud-Based Enterprise Approach to Deep Linking Optimization

Not long ago, deep linking was a phrase that referred to a page deep within a website. Now it is more commonly associated with developer tools and the two million apps in the stores for iOS and Android. Agencies and omnichannel retailers, however, urgently deep linking tools that are designed for marketers to help test and optimize the routing of traffic between mobile apps and mobile websites. Brands and retailers are being challenged to remove operational silos and optimize the consumer journey across app and web more seamlessly while unifying analytics insights.

In a recent survey by PointSource, 63 percent of retailers surveyed do not track app opens. To compete more effectively with the Amazon shopping app, however, retailers must track app opens across marketing channels and mobile moments. The challenge for many retailers in implementing a project like omnichannel deep linking is simply technical resources and priorities.  That is why we created URLgenius, the only cloud-based approach to deep linking.

URLgenius Enterprise Deep Linking Optimization
URLgenius Cloud-Based Mobile App Deep Linking for iOS and Android

Rather than give technical teams yet another SDK to install, URLgenius offers marketers an easy-to-use yet enterprise-grade, cloud-based solution with no SDK and nothing to install. Marketers can update any web URL so it can detect and open a mobile app from any marketing channel while instantly clicking through to a mobile website (or to the app store) when the app is not installed. Update one link for one campaign or millions of links for an entire channel.

This approach to deep linking is aligned with a major trend among advertisers and retailers in moving all types of technology to the cloud in their effort to streamline operations and connect with consumers more effectively. Placing technology like deep linking on the cloud also removes a technical burden for retailers allowing them focus more time on their core business.

You can start testing and optimizing campaign links for deep linking now for any channel before the holidays. Channel marketing managers for display, email, paid search, social and affiliate can quickly gather new insights about app vs. web conversion across marketing channels and mobile moments while leveraging your current analytics and attribution strategies.

The URLgenius basic level subscription is free. Sign up now.

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